Monday, December 12, 2011

Art News: Winter Edition

The next layer of our lives we will be working on is IDENTITY.
Students will be thinking about their identity and all the things they keep in balance in their lives.

First and second grade will be “zentangling” about their identity around photographs of themselves.

Third grade will be creating clay gift boxes that will represent each student’s unique “gift” to the world.  Save some bows and ribbons for the art room for third graders to embellish their gift boxes with.

Fourth grade will be constructing an identity box using an empty cereal or cracker box.  Students will need to think about whether a person’s identity is how others see them, or how they see themselves.  Keep bringing in empty boxes.  We need more!!

Fifth graders will be creating an alter ego based on a talent, wish or favorite animal.  It will be fun to see their ideas on how they would improve the world.

Things you can save for the art room over winter break:

c Wrapping paper that has been used. Metallic and fuzzy paper is a favorite thing for students to have in the scrap box.  Colors and patterns are best (rather than pictures of Santa.) 

c Bows and ribbons (see 3rd grade lesson)

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Did you know Stacey Peters ( my lesson writing partner, and art teacher extraordinaire at Hoffman Trails Elementary) has a website? You can find awesome drawing lessons and cool gift ideas at!